biggest in the world excavator V 1.3 FS17

biggest in the world excavator V 1.3 FS17

version 1.3 :
night lights always on

version 1.2
removed invisible display ,triggers not used
green pipe light fixed
imput fuel only
replace output sand for dirt
add mod gold whashplant 2.0 :
add ramp add bucket
larger imput triggers , capacity work velocidty

added sellpoint sand dirt “gold”
sand dirt is worth 0. gold 1000
unfortunately the mod more materials does not have fillplane gold. I replaced with straw.
minor fixes :
added bagger scrrpt,It does not work for study alone.
replace sand dirt icon more materials mod

This excavator consumes fuel and produces gravel. and then unloads it into the new gold wash factory. which produces sand and gold

install: unzip the files: FS17 AAA_More_Material_v1_5 and FS17 placeable sandescavator fs17_washplant_placeable_ModLandNet in the folder
C: Users ……….. Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2017 mods

in version 1.3 I fixed the night lights. They are always on. people comment on whether you prefer lighted lights or only lights up at night.

does anyone know how to make this rotor spin?
attention map editors
I’m summoning a battery of tests with the machine
goal: enable the bagger script
Explanation: I do not understand very well the script LUA, but even a layman can see that this script controls the excavator as a remote control on the map gift of caucasus
speed of the rotor, movement of the gindaste, and even the triggers of discharge are controlled by this script.

instructions: basically you should put the backhoe on the map with the giants editor and activate the bagger script.
the excavator is in FS17_sandescavator_placeable / excavator / excavator.i3d do not use the excavator edited.
in C: Users fabricio Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2017 mods yourmapa edit modDesc xml
in dijite
Select mining filltype:Wählen Bergbau fillType:??? ????????:

do not forget to put the bagger script in maps / scripts /
in the tests that I did the night lights are working. script is active on map gift of caucasus

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