1. Jar-Met Brony 14
2. Franquet Combigerm – Price: 10500 € Max. working speed: 13 kph Required power: 160 hp Working width: 4.0 m Maintenance: 5 € / day.
3. AgroMasz PO Pack – This is a 5-furrow plough from Polish manufacturer Agromasz General information: PO5 Price – 12500$ – 23000$ Maintenance – 14/day Required power – 130hp Working width – 2,5m Working speed – 12km/h PO4 Price – 9500$ – 19200$ Maintenance – 10/day Required power – 115hp Working width – 2,0m Working speed – 12km/h PO3 Price – 6300$ – 14500$ Maintenance – 8/day Required power – 80hp Working width – 1,5m Working speed – 12km/h Configurations in shop : – Choosing the type of wheel – Change design – Choosing the type of moulder – Mounting skimmers – Mounting plate rolls – Mounting guideway on wheel Plow in addition to FS17 standards has: – animation of the soil on the skimmers – dynamic wheel – transport position – animation of plate raising Update – Added plough PO4 – Fix price PO5 Update – Added plough PO3
4. FFT 320 – Price: 8000 € working speed: 15 kmh Required power: 70 hp Working width: 3.2 m Maintenance: 5 € / day
5. Hankmo 90 – Die Hankmo 90 ist eine Spatenrollegge, die sich fuer den Stoppelsturz oder zur Saatbett Vorbereitung eignet. Sie eignet sich auch nur Einebnung hinter einem Grubber.
6. Huard QR 65
7. Laumetris SL-3 – Operational width – 3 m. Operational depth to 25 cm Coulters – 15 Coulters type, chisel and screwed coulters Adjusting of working depth, hydraulic with roller Min. tractor power, 120 HP.
8. Rabe MultiDrill M400A
9. Rabe Set SKE400
10. Kverneland EG 85 Vario
11. Pack Bonnel Unidisk

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Farming Simulator 2017 Mods are fun because whey can easy upgrade the original game. Even though the game is really good and fun to play but sometimes you may miss some of the tools, vehicles or something else that creators forget. Also, the game itself may have different kind of mods to fix some bugs that may appear, which disturb you. So for all of these reasons you should use FS 2017 mods and we glad we can provide best mods. Also, mods provide an opportunity to create individually unique game. As there are numerous of different FS 2017 mods, by installing any of them you’ll change the game even a little bit and it will become unique. All the LS 2017 mods are absolutely free.

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