Limited Capacity Building Farm Silo V 1.0.1

Original Farm Silo replacement for new version of FS 17.

It still works like the original silo, only when the capacity is reached, you can tilt purely nothing. For a better overview, also Füllsands displays were installed.
The silo is equipped with the GE be incorporated into the Map complete with SiloTrigger and tip trigger and has that old FarmSiloSystem and tip triggers can then be deleted.

This mod must be integrated with the modDesc.xml the Map.

The capacity can be changed in the User Attributes “capacity”, this is now set to 50,000.
If the silo to be installed in an existing savegame where farmSiloAmounts stocks exceed the capacity, they are still useable completely taken over.
Therefore, it can also happen in a situation which is more displayed as reinpasst until that was much taken the decreases the level falls below the capacity. The same happens with wishing well.
The silo replaces a orginale FarmSilo, there should be no duplicate vebaut
The properties that may be replaced or changed if needed are included.


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