Mod Manager v3.0.1.5

Mod Manager v3.0.1.5

Syncronize the mods of the various Local Mod folders and use different dedicated servers to manage the Local Mod folders
Deleting / Disabling and Re-Enabling Local Mods
Detailed view of the individual mods

Different servers Manage:
Enter the server data for the gear under Server description (left side) and you can then conveniently select this from the combo box. It shows in color whether a mod is missing, it is deactivated or even too much in the mod folder because it has already been deleted on the server.

Various Local Mod Ornder Manage:
To do this, use the gear wheel to the right above the table for the Local Mods. By clicking on the “Refresh” button on the right the selected Modordner is loaded and the default Mod folder for LS is set.

Fine Version:
From version it is finally the final version, i. There are all the functions I wanted for a Modmanager. It is also not a Mod but a stand-alone program developed in C # with Winforms and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

The program works Fault-free, but errors should occur. The:
Special characters which are not xml conform
(The faulty line of the modDesc.xml is displayed here in the Details view in a MessageBox)
File name and the name in the modDesc.xml do not match (write error)
Files in * .dds were converted but still in the modDesc.xml are registered as .png
The server address ends with “/index.html” <= is false, correct => /mods.html
The Modordner has already been deleted and therefore no mods are found

Mods are downloaded, but still displayed as required (green background) in the table.
The ModDesc.xml is faulty => Version could not be read out, see version in the table on the right Fixes the errors in the ModDesc.xml and the Mod is no longer displayed as needed let the Mod show in the detail view and you get the Incorrect line in the ModDesc.xml

Even if I have tested the tool sufficiently I assume no liability for your data.

Which files are edited?
It writes the selected Mod folder to the following file
C: \ Users \ Thompson \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ gameSettings.xml
And changes the following values in the line below. “Activ” is set to True and “directory” is assigned to the Mod folder path

Important – the server address
Example: http://12.345.678.901:11300/mods.html
It must be nix before the “http: //” and “/mods.html” must be the last

Respect for modders:
Fair and thank you because there are lots of time in all extensions. If the modders do not keep the mods to themselves, because otherwise you will only be able to see the game out of the packaging, as Giants left us, and not what has emerged today through the great dedication of some of them.
I wish you much fun with my tool.

New in this version:
This version can work with LS15 and LS17.
Server synchronization was not tested with LS17.

Addendum to own article:
If your error finds please please give me an exact description and I care about it.
If I but because of a mistake somebody ask to ask, I would wish that then also an answer comes back and not just cheated and schlec

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