Norge Crest Valley 17 v1.0 FS2017

Changelog of the NorgeCrest Valley 17 v1.0 (The map was tested extensively in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is error-free.
* All fields have been preserved and have not been a victim of the transitions of animal pastures.
* Animated gates at the cow and sheep pasture. Thus, among other things, Grass mowing.
* Hoftankstelle at the farm.
* Additional wooden loading crane on the railway line next to box 8 installed.
* Cow pasture laid on the farm.
* Additional fruit varieties added to all silos and the Railroad Mill – see explanation.
* Seed, mineral fertilizer and liquid fertilizer tank installed on the farm.
* In some places, the courtyard itself also received some lighting.
* Main street leading to the courtyard is provided with a street lighting.
* The farm was enlarged and partly rebuilt.
* ChoppedStraw including the necessary textures.
* Both trains are so modified that they can also load and unload the additional fruit varieties.
* Sheep grazing on the farm.
* Wolf’s system installed biomass and vehicle hall on the farm.
* A medium sized and a small Lizard vehicle hall including new MP-capable niggels lighting installed in the yard.
* Washing place included Kärcher at the yard.
* Animated animals for pigs, sheep and cows, so that the animals also drink water.
* The courtyard silo and the transit silo on the farm were also equipped with lighting.


Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: PandahmaChoppedStraw: webalizerLichterpaket: NiggelsGrüne Fahrzeughallen: Agrarteam FrankenBiomasselager und Maschinenhalle: Katsuo – Agrarteam FrankenSollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, dann bitte melden und er wird natürlich sofort nachgetragen.

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