Silvercrest Valley v3.0 Chopped Straw

This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley.

Version 3.0 Chopped Straw mod
– Copped straw mod implemented. (can be downloaded from the mod hub)
– Built new extension to farm and added 4 new storage silos.
1 Seeds and Fertilizers 50k(you can not refill directly to seeder/fertilizer from silo).
2 Hay and dry grass barn 300k.
3 Forage, PigFood, Grass, Silage, Chaff. 325k.
4 Water 85k and 125k at greenhouse area(you need a water trailer that can fill from above, something like Kotte Universal trailers from Farmer_Andy will work).
– Greenhouse area for placeable greenhouses and with water silo.
– Buy points for fertilizers and seeds.
– New train stations/sell points.
– New fields.
– New roads and a lot of small things around the map.
– More tees!
– Fixed the errors from v2.0 and added new collisions for ground and buildings.

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