Somewhere in Thuringia v1.0.3.0

Wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, potatoes, turnips, sunflowers
Central bearing for grass straw beets etc. inserted.
(Important!) This camp is placed over placeable and with costs connected. I wanted to find a solution where all what have
It can easily sell this overnight shop. But whoever wants to put everything centrally to take it quickly has to remove the
Costs in purchase;) and thus everyone can decide for themselves)

somewhere-in-thuringia-v1-0-3-0_5 somewhere-in-thuringia-v1-0-3-0_4  somewhere-in-thuringia-v1-0-3-0_2somewhere-in-thuringia-v1-0-3-0_1

Kastor,Joker301069,El_Cid, Mario,KevinK, Giants

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