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Sosnova Terra v1.4 map

From Map Sosnovka Sosnova Terra as the name was already suggests, it is a modified original map with being too many changes that you do not always see at first glance.
Optimized I have the whole of the Multiplayer – multiple players can equal it started are enough vehicles available and work there is also enough.

The fields have been completely redesigned, there are only 22 fields.
The sign and towers forest was removed.

All fruits you can store in the yard silo and there is also a second silo to the Map.
Two bearings are available for manure.

The farm has been extended with some halls optimal for many vehicles.
Some vehicles are available as mod – here you can ease a little life – but you do not have.

Tractors / straighteners are as Mod thereby condense projecting the silos.

sosnova-terra2 sosnova-terra3 sosnova-terra4 sosnova-terra5


Dear Sosnova Terra fans, actually I just wanted to fix the mistakes when buying from the box 20, 21, 22 and the mistake of selling crap. Somehow I am then but then slipped back into terrain editing.
This is why version 1.4 has to start a new game. You can only take the file “careerSavegame.xml” into the new game.

What has been changed?

Field 22 has been made bigger – is now twice as big.
New sawmill has been added – as a fuel you can only unload straw and bales.
A drive from the river to the garden center – shortens the path to the farm.
A hall was added to the large dung silo.
Fahr silo at the Schafweide was removed and replaced by a large hall.
In addition, a hall has been added – both halls are well suited for a grass camp.
A new silo at the farm was added for manure, fertilizer and seed.
The cattle dealer has moved – is now at box 19.
New point of sale ( “timber trade”) for the sale of wooden pallets has been inserted.
For comfortable players there is also a beamer – but there is less money for the pallets.
All animals were persuaded that they clean themselves at the feeding trough itself.
Loading charges for liquid fertilizers were inserted at various points.
Optimized for the Dedicated Server – Files reduced.
A lot of small things but not always apparent.
Yes, I do not remember any more at the moment – maybe you’ll discover something else.

Oh, did I mention that a new game is necessary?
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