STALINSKY PAK (1930-1945) FS17

STALINSKY PAK (1930-1945) FS17

Briefly about Stalin’s package (1930-1945) Part 1: – it is not recommended to download it to people with unstable psyche. It is also necessary to study the material part of the technique of those times to work on it. Pak is not intended for cultivation of corn, sunflower, potatoes and beets, and pigs for these needs will be the second part of Stalin’s pack (1945-1960). The composition of the first part of the Stalin pack: 1-harrow-3 2-harrow-9 3- plow-4 4-plow-3 5-seeder 6-coupling for seeders 7-tractor c-60 8-slch-1 9-off 10-rmu 11-chain for braking 12-winch for s-60 13-gas-55 14-gas-67 15-gas-aa 16-cans 17-gas-aa-bread 18-gas-1m 19-gbt-2.5 p. 20-gbt-2.5 liters. 21-hitch for gbt 22-tedders 23-kp-2,1 24-pinters 25-skz 15/30 26-bobbin front to sks 27-stack 28-spe 29-manure spreader 30-steel-1 31-header grain 32- silo 33-kopnitel 34-zis-5v modular 35-side body zis-5v 36-benzovoz 37-water carrier 38-jet spreader 39-body for seeds with bags 40-van for products 41-body for hayloft 42-trailer 43-trailer barrel for water 44-trailer slurry spreader 45-zis-5 46-zis-6 47-dissolution 48-zis-6-crane 49-zis-10 50-semitrailer cattle trailer 51-traverse in the miscellaneous: 52-ax 53-chain towing 54-hose hose and 56-plait in static objects Section 57-wooden support still need to install or download from third-party sites: 58 stationary feed mixer 59, a stationary silo for silage production.

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