Top Ten mods of Farming Simulator 2015

Top Ten mods of Farming Simulator 2015

While all we waiting for new game of Farming Simulator 2017 release we all can remember why we love this game so much. We have selected 10 top popular mods of Farming Simulator 2015. If you don’t agree or have other your favorite mod’s you can share below and we will update our article. So the top ten FS 2015 mods we selected order is random.


KAMAZ 551114 FOR LS 15 – Kamaz mod looks classically. Perhaps because of that orange color. It has not only classic Kamaz color but also a capacity of 15 000 liters.


CLAAS JAGUAR 980 V2 FOR LS 15 – have you heard about JAGUAR’s victory over Mercedes in a cold commercials war? If not just check this and you will understand why Farming Simulator choose Jaguar as well.


SAMSON PG PACK TRAILER V 1.5 MOD – nice look is important not only for people, but also for trailer.


JOHN DEERE 678 BALE WRAPPER 2.0 MOD FOR FS 15 – is the day of harvesting coming? Cut grass for your cow and now need to wrap your bales of grass? No problem with JOHN DEERE.


OMBU TRANS REMOLQUE V2.0 FOR FS 15 – desirable platform from Spain.


MAN TGS AGRAR MOD PACK SET V 4.0 – record-high capacity of 65 000 liter will make your daily works in Farming Simulator easy as peace of cake.


PETERBILT 388 TRUCK V1.1 – many good features will find way to your heart easily. Solid design makes it even more desirable.


VOLVO FH16 WITH CRANE TRUCK V 1.0 – it looks like a real living creature or like a transformer. And it also helps to do your job.


LEXION 780 MULTI FRUIT V 2.2 MULTIFRUIT VON TVSIMONLP MOD – a serious mod for serious players. There is no time for wasting.


NOVADISC 1800 MOWER V 1.0 FOR FS 2015 – almost 20 meters of width for smart workers.

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Farming Simulator 2017 Mods are fun because whey can easy upgrade the original game. Even though the game is really good and fun to play but sometimes you may miss some of the tools, vehicles or something else that creators forget. Also, the game itself may have different kind of mods to fix some bugs that may appear, which disturb you. So for all of these reasons you should use FS 2017 mods and we glad we can provide best mods. Also, mods provide an opportunity to create individually unique game. As there are numerous of different FS 2017 mods, by installing any of them you’ll change the game even a little bit and it will become unique. All the LS 2017 mods are absolutely free.

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