Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

Wankdorf V 1.1.1 [SP]

In the country of Wankdorf you have a beautiful main house and a smaller one

Pig farm nearby. Many fields crown the land. At the sawmill you can get boards,

Logs, Wood shavings – saw dust – chips – bark You have space for placeable objects

to place, you can sell groups of houses (shop garage). When exporting grain,

all grain varieties can be purchased.


– cow feed mixer (at the cow farm)

– Pork chowder (at the pig farm)

– Saatguthaufen (Buy at the cow farm)

– Fertilizer heap (Buy at the cow farm)

– Misthaufen (Buy at butcher)

– Gülletank (Buy at butcher)

– Sell houses (2x)


field01: 3,097 ha

field02: 1,572 ha

field03: 1,727 ha

field04: 2,347 ha

field05: 3,152 ha

field06: 0.018 ha

field07: 2,493 ha

field08: 0.018 ha

field09: 0.861 ha

field10: 1,136 ha

field11: 2,998 ha

field12: 1,250 ha

field13: 2,398 ha

field14: 2,170 ha

field15: 0.863 ha

field16: 1,456 ha

field17: 1,358 ha

field18: 1,234 ha

field19: 1,537 ha

field20: 0.041 ha

field21: 0.041 ha

field22: 0.041 ha

field23: 0.041 ha

field24: 1,175 ha

field25: 0.025 ha

field26: 0.024 ha

field27: 5,195 ha

field28: 4,034 ha

field29: 3,536 ha

field30: 1,826 ha

field31: 2,325 ha

field32: 2,401 ha

field33: 1,000 ha

field34: 1,595 ha

field35: 0.914 ha

field36: 1,005 ha

field37: 1,384 ha

field38: 1,796 ha

field39: 1,560 ha

field40: 1,949 ha

field41: 1,161 ha

field42: 1,246 ha

field43: 1,742 ha

field44: 1,203 ha

field45: 0.423 ha

field46: 1,047 ha


TuneWar, Buchen

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